USCIS Revises Form I-693 Validity Period

USCIS has revised its policy regarding the validity period for Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record.

Form I-693 is submitted to USCIS to establish that an applicant is not inadmissible to the United States on public health grounds.

Effective June 1, 2014, Form I-693 filed in support of a benefit application such as an I-485, is now valid for submission within one year of completion by a designated civil surgeon and one year from the time of submission to USCIS.

Previously, USCIS had extended the validity of Form I-693 under certain circumstances. In response to concerns from the Center for Disease Control, however, extensions beyond one year will no longer be issued.

The medical examination report may be filed either concurrently with the immigration benefit application or after the filing of the benefit application but before the application’s adjudication.  USCIS advises if Form I-693 is not filed with the immigration benefit application, that applicant’s wait until USCIS issues a request for the medical examination before submitting it.

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